Baseball League Rules

Baseball League Rules

General Rules

  • Game times are 55 minutes for 6u to 8u and 1 hour 20 for 10u to 14u
  • Run limit per inning is 5 runs in 6u and 8u
  • Run limit per inning is 3 runs in 10u to 14u
  • These rules are in place for teams to develop equally on both sides of the game
  • Balks will not be enforced but will be called. A balk resuling in an out will not count.
  • Bats can swing USA or USSSA

T-Ball and Coach Pitch Specific Rules

  • Play is stopped when lead runner stops advancing.
  • In T-Ball, batter receives 3 swings
  • In coach pitch, coach may pitch anywhere between 30′ safety arc and 42′ pitching circle
  • In coach pitch the batter gets 6 pitches or 3 swinging strikes
  • T-Ball and Coach Pitch is a 10-player game


View the USSSA Baseball Rule Book