Background Check

Background Check

All caoaches and assistat coaches that are listed on the team roster or have access to the team information must have a background check.

You must have a background check to create a team or register for events.

The cost of the background check is $13.50

For informaiton and FAQ reguarding the background checks and information, please go to

Credential Badges

Each manager will have badges on their dashboard to show them what they are approved for. These badges will appear at the top of the page in a Green flagged section that will detail which seasons/sports they are covered for. The badges will show the status of the background check and waiver approval.

Generation fo Background Check

  1. Verify your email address (it can be updated if it is not correct)
  2. Click Request the Background Check
  3. Check your email for a link to the background check

Completeing the Background Check

  1. Open the email concerning background check and click the link to begin
  2. Complete the information required on the background application form. NOTE: If the name on your manager page does not match your legal name, please make sure it’s listed as an “Alias”. For example: if your Manager Account has Bob for the first name and your legal name is Robert, please put Bob as an alias.
  3. Complete the payment process
  4.  The information will be sent to JDP for processing
  5. You will be pending status until the background is complete.
  6. Once complete, your Badge on your manager page will display the status and time it was approved.
  7. Once the Background check appears, you will be able to progress to the Create Team Menu and be provided with fields needed to register your team.
  8. If the background check is returned and it is not “clear”, it will display a message stating that there is an issues with it.

Additional Coach  Background Check Procedures

It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that all assistant/additional coaches or contacts are added to a team. They will be required to submit to and return a “clear” background check before they will be added to the team or given access to thier team(s). By rule, all coaches must be listed and cleared to be on the field as coaching staff.

Please let us know if you have any questions.